Here are the presentations from some of our recent Webinars. Visit our YouTube Channel for the recorded version of the webinar.

How do the Things Connect to the Internet in IoT?

Pic - IoTThis Webinar is about the different wireless technologies for IoT connectivity. Outline:

• The basics of IoT, and the evolution of wireless for IoT
• Different wireless technologies for IoT—the technologies and the tradeoffs
• Testing Challenges
• Case Study: Drone testing
• Case Study: Connected home testing

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Understanding LTE Unlicensed and Coexistence


This Webinar discusses LTE unlicensed and coexistence. Outline:

• The drivers for LTE unlicensed
• State of LTE unlicensed – standards, industry
• LTE unlicensed flavors—LTE-U, LTE-U/LAA, LWA
• Coexistence

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LTE-A, HetNet, Small Cells – What you Absolutely Need to Know

This webinar discusses the different LTE-A HetNet Interference Mitigation Techniques. Outline:

• The evolution from LTE to LTE-A
• An introduction to LTE-A HetNet, Small cells
• LTE-A Interference mitigation techniques
• Requirements and solutions for testing LTE-A HetNet

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