An Automated, Scalable RF Platform for LTE Unlicensed, Wi-Fi, and IoT 

Technologies like LTE unlicensed and applications such as IoT put new requirements on testing that can’t be met by existing solutions, which are geared towards link-level testing.

These challenges are addressed by Spider™. Spider™ is an automated RF Platform that is modular, scalable, and cost effective. Spider™ provides unmatched:

  • Accuracy, reliability, and repeatability
  • Modularity and scalability to a variety of technologies, applications, and use cases
  • End-to-end automation of the entire test-bed

Spider™ builds on Azimuth’s 14+ years of technology (cellular, Wi-Fi), testing (performance, conformance), and industry (standards, forums, ecosystems) experience.

Spider™ consists of integrated hardware and software modules that provide:

  • Controllable bidirectional MIMO links
  • Wide channel bandwidth, wide frequency coverage (700MHz–6GHz)
  • Variety of topologies with complete RF isolation (90dB)
  • Connectivity with real devices in their native form
  • Automation of entire test-bed, including devices, APs, traffic sources, etc.

Pic - Spider

Spider™ can be used as a standalone or as a platform on which turnkey solutions are built for:

  • Technologies: LTE unlicensed, Wi-Fi (802.11ac, 802.11b/g/n)
  • Applications: IoT (Drones, M2M)
  • Use cases: MIMO, beam-forming testing, coexistence testing

Spider - Topologies

How do I get started?

You can start with one of our turnkey integrated solutions (Spider Unlicensed), or you could get started with your own custom test-bed by exploring these two links:

  1. Understand the Spider™ modules
  2. Build your test-bed with the modules that are right for you OR Pick one of our standard configurations