Test Builder/Test Scheduler

Spend Less Time Writing Automation

Test Builder is an open source, modular, GUI based, end-to-end automation platform that can be used to automate the entire testbed. Test Scheduler is complementary and is optimized for the sequential and parallel execution of test cases (created in Test Builder).

Test Builder can be used to automate:

  • Devices through DAC
  • Logging/Diagnostics Monitors through DAC
  • PC Operations through DAC
  • ACE MX and MX2 channel emulators
  • Other elements of the testbed such as Base Station Emulator (BSE), Vector Network Analyzer (VNA)
  • Scripts or other software such as Wireshark, TEMS

Test Builder comes populated with modules for controlling all the elements described on top of modules for basic functions such as reporting, graphing etc. as shown below. In addition to the built in modules, users can create modules of their own and share them across systems.

Tests can be created easily by dragging and dropping the modules into the execution path. Typically modified values are exposed as variables that can be changed at a modular level or a test case/test suite level from the safe interface at the beginning of a test or during run time.

Test Cases/Test Suites can be executed in Test Scheduler with little effort. Tests can be run across multiple PCs, across devices and results can be stored in a centralized location.

Test Scheduler offers some powerful capabilities such as:

  • Ability to schedule tests for unattended (overnight) runs
  • Synchronized execution across multiple devices
  • Ability to make simple changes on the fly through a GUI (instead of having to change values in a txt file or have programming experience)
  • Trigger Alarms/warnings when a user defined criteria is met