Environment Emulator

ACE RNX—NOW with a Virtual Network Environment (VNE) INSIDE!  


The growing need for ubiquitous, high-capacity coverage is being addressed by the industry through LTE Advanced (LTE-A).

LTE-A takes a new approach to meet this need: multiple simultaneous connections (e.g., carrier aggregation), and network densification through heterogeneous networks (HetNet, multiple cells of different sizes, but of the same technology).

This approach has driven the evolution from a single-link, controlled-interference environment to a multilink, interference-dominated environment, posing new requirements for testing:

  • An interference-dominated environment needed for HetNet
  • Multilink scenarios corresponding to carrier aggregation, CoMP etc.

These requirements can’t be met with existing test solutions. Testing LTE-A requires a purpose-built solution capable of re-creating an external HetNet environment inside the lab.

Channel emulation is fine for testing single-link, planned environments, but it’s inadequate for testing HetNet. For that, you need environment emulation.



With a virtual HetNet environment inside, powered by Azimuth’s proprietary Virtual Network Environment capability, the RNX is the first and only solution capable of creating and controlling a complete HetNet radio environment in the lab.

The RNX delivers innovative new capabilities to address the technical and logistical challenges of testing LTE-A:

  • Industry’s first and only environment emulation capability (enabled by the Virtual Network Environment capability)
  • Industry’s only environment creation wizard, Scenario Builder
  • Director™ II Test executive optimized for multilink testing
  • Cloud architecture that maximizes test-bed utilization
  • Advanced RF Performance