ACE MX MIMO Channel Emulators

The ACE MX product line is an easy-to-use family of full-featured channel emulators designed to accurately create complex fading channels for testing the most advanced wireless technology and devices.

The ACE MX patented design is purpose-built for MIMO, and has been designed from the ground up to meet the demanding needs of OFDM and MIMO-based systems, in addition to the channel emulation and testing requirements of previous generation SISO 2G/3G wireless technologies

The ACE MX product line combines industry-leading channel emulation capabilities with a modular product solution to deliver a range of configurations for MIMO system testing. The intuitive and easy-to-use configuration and control interface enables efficient, automated, and repeatable testing of LTE-Advanced, LTE, WiMAX, and other 4G infrastructure and devices.

The ACE MX is a universal frequency, fully bidirectional channel emulator supporting SISO up to 8×4 MIMO systems. It features built-in real-time fading, including industry-standard models or custom-designed models, that allows users to re-create a variety of typical MIMO scenarios for accurate performance and interoperability testing. This real-world emulation in a lab environment replaces traditional wireless field tests that are time-consuming and lack repeatability.

The ACE MX enables users to:

  • Reliably and accurately test performance of MIMO-based systems over range and in motion in impaired environments
  • Quickly analyze test data, enabling faster identification and resolution of all system design elements that reduce performance
  • Streamline device testing by providing direct connections to wireless devices and eliminating external RF devices
  • Test MIMO algorithms and debug errors

Using Azimuth’s DIRECTOR™ II Test Executive software, tests run on the ACE MX Channel Emulator can be fully managed and automated, reducing time-to-market.