Quantenna Communications Selects Azimuth’s Spider

April 21, 2016

Cutting Edge Wi-Fi Semiconductor Solution Provider Selects Azimuth’s Spider Scalable RF Platform to Support its 802.11ac, 802.11n, and Service Provider Testing

Quantenna Communications, Inc., a leading developer of 802.11ac and 802.11n semiconductor solutions for the next generation of ultra-reliable Wi-Fi networks, has selected Azimuth’s scalable automated RF platform, Spider, for its wireless development and product testing, and for its system verification within its ecosystem of carriers, home networking, and consumer electronics vendors.

A natural choice for vendors and service providers interested in deploying cutting-edge technology, Quantenna provides carrier-class gateways to service providers worldwide, including AT&T, Orange, Telefonica, and OEM/ODM partners including Asus, Technicolor, and NetGear.

Among other factors, Quantenna selected Spider for its reliability, repeatability, ease-of-use, and end-to-end automation:

  • End-to-end automation of entire test-bed through a test executive
  • Unmatched repeatability and reliability
  • Azimuth’s unique connection solution with its patented near field adapter ensures accuracy (unlike alternatives such as radiated testing in a shielded enclosure), reliability, and repeatability without the need to fine tune the position of devices

An excerpt from Sam Heidari, CEO of Quantenna Communications:

  • We adopted their channel emulators in the early days of 802.11n since they offered the right mix of capability and ease of use
  • We value the modularity and scalability of Spider
  • Spider complements Azimuth’s channel emulation portfolio and their expertise in re-creating field scenarios within the lab makes the migration to Spider seamless and it also gives us the option to expand in the future

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