White Papers & Appnotes

Our team has experts on a wide range of real world test topics. Read our thoughts on everything from WiFi to MIMO Channel Emulation to HetNet…

Overview of the LTE-A HetNet Interference Mitigation Techniques

Basic RGBThis poster provides an overview of HetNet and the different HetNet interference mitigation techniques (ICIC, eICIC, FeICIC, NAICS).



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Understanding LTE-A HetNet Interference Mitigation Techniques

This white paper discusses the evolution from LTE to LTE-A, and the benefits and challenges this has brought about. It then talks about heterogeneous networks (HetNet), the interference challenges they create, and the interference mitigation techniques added in response.

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Drone-Controller Link – Operational & Testing Challenges, and Solutions

This application note talks about some of the factors that affect the reliability of the critical radio link of a drone, the challenges associated with testing this radio link, and some solutions to improve and simplify testing.


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Testing Drones – The Challenges & Smart Solutions

This white paper talks about the emergence of (nonmilitary) drones, with a focus on some of the challenges associated with testing drones and proposed solutions.



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Classical and Wi-Fi Doppler Spectra – Comparison and Applicability

This white paper introduces and compares the classical (Jakes) and Wi-Fi (Bell) spectra and provides some much-needed guidance on the Doppler Spectrum to be used for mobile Wi-Fi devices.


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