Intelligent Over-the-Air Platform (iOTA)


Test the performance of a device in its natural state, under real-world conditions


  •  Go beyond antenna measurement to benchmark multiple devices and predict performance in market
  •  Replay network conditions captured during drive testing for more relevant scenarios
  •  Apply application automation and network profiling analytics to enable correlation of user experience with network conditions
  •  Portable chamber that can be reconfigured for alternative test cases in minutes rather than days
  •  Implemented in major operator test plans for MIMO throughput performance

Azimuth is continuing in its mission to make emulation of a device’s environment as realistic as possible, with the introduction of the Intelligent Over-The-Air (iOTA) platform.  As mobile networks become more complex (MIMO, carrier aggregation, HetNet, IMS) so are the devices connecting to them.  Both the network environment and device utilization need to be represented as precisely as possible to deliver meaningful, repeatable results.

iOTA is purpose-built as a scalable platform that enables a comprehensive suite of hardware and performance tests in a range of real-world channel conditions and user applications.  It is the only platform capable of testing a device in its natural state under field conditions, running a typical subscriber use case, and analyzing that performance, all in a fully automated and compact environment.  The revolutionary design of the platform ensures speedier test times, which is crucial given the number of devices, technologies, frequency bands and scenarios requiring test.  Based on the foundation of Azimuth’s award-winning experience in channel emulators, field playback and automation & analytics, iOTA recreates real-world conditions more accurately.

Download the iOTA Platform Product Brief.


Azimuth iOTA Platform Key Specifications
Figures of Merit Throughput
Call Performance
Automation Testbed Calibration
Test Configuration
Test Execution & Reporting
Network Source Base Station Emulator (BSE)
Infrastructure Feed
Chamber Type Reverberation
Frequency of Operation (GHz) 700- 2700 MHz
Maximum Power at DUT -40 dBm
RF Isolation >100 dB
Topologies Supported SISO, up to 2×2 MIMO


Azimuth iOTA Platform


  • iOTA platform consists of a channel emulator combined with an isotropic chamber and additional hardware to facilitate switching between use cases/scenarios without the need for recabling
  • Optimized for a variety of network sources (Base Station Emulators, live infrastructure) and use cases (throughput, call performance)
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use software suite includes:
        • iOTA Test Executive enables users to run calibration and diagnostics
        • Test Builder/Test Scheduler allows users to automate the entire testbed end-to-end – from testbed configuration to the final qualification of the device

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Results - Test Scheduler Run