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Field testing is the final test for mobile devices prior to deployment to subscribers.  It enables validation of the device in real world conditions in the environments where subscribers actually use them.  However, field testing of devices in diverse conditions of terrain, population density, physical location and motion is extremely time-consuming and costly.  The Azimuth Field-to-Lab (FTL) solution is a unique and effective solution that allows service providers and equipment manufacturers to take real world channel conditions collected from drive testing and recalculate the same channel conditions in the lab using the ACE MX MIMO Channel Emulator.


Field to lab testing has never been easier or more cost effective

Standard channel models are often used for standards-based testing.  Although these statistical representations of channel conditions are very useful in equipment testing, certification and benchmarking, they do not adequately capture the variable conditions experienced by a mobile device as it moves through the real world. The Azimuth Field-to-Lab solution easily integrates actual drive test scan logs into the testbeds used in carrier and equipment vendors’ labs.  “Golden drive test routes” can be driven virtually, whenever needed.

Testing with the Field-to-Lab solution involves three phases:

  • Collecting field data
  • Conditioning the data for playback
  • Playback of the field data on the Azimuth MX MIMO Channel Emulator

Key components of the FTL are AzMapper, AzPlayer and the ACE MX MIMO Channel Emulator.  To collect field data, the FTL solution integrates industry-standard and custom drive test software.  Drive test data is converted into a playback file optimized for the testbed and is filtered to ensure realistic playback file optimized for the testbed and is filtered to ensure realistic playback conditions.  Next, the data is replayed on the channel emulator; a playback control tool configures the channel emulator and recreates the channel conditions on the channel emulator.

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The mapping function is a crucial component of the Field-to-Lab solution.  Various field data of different qualities and accuracy are analyzed and used to generate a playback file.  First, the field data is filtered to extract relevant data suitable for playback on the target testbed.  Next, the data is smoothed making sure the behavior of the playback best imitates the time varying nature of the real world.  Finally, the data is analyzed for missing segments which can be interpolated and filled to ensure continuity.  All the parameters of the filtering and mapping are configurable.


Playback is supported through AzPlayer which streams the playback file on the ACE Channel Emulator.  The ACE MX together withe AzPlayer application supports unlimited playback file size.  With the easy-to-use play control, the data can be played back, paused, looped and even coupled with other playback files both in the graphic user interface or through the programmable scripting interface.

Sourcing Field Data

Traditionally drive test is performed with commercial products that utilize real handsets and radios to collect the field conditions and analyze the scenario through post-processing.  The raw data collected contains detailed information to map the conditions in time and using the AzMapper application, recreate these conditions for playback.  Azimuth FTL interfaces with a wide range of commercial scanners.

Supported Technologies


Supported Scanners/DM
Hardware Scanner JDSU E6474A-W1314A
Software Scanners/Diagnostics Monitors QXDM
Accuver XCAL
Anite Nemo
Generic CSV


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