Director II Test Executive

DIRECTOR II is a powerful test executive that acts as the universal interface to control and automate the Spider, the ACE MX channel emulator family of products, and other Azimuth products (e.g., ACE 400WB). Director II consists of the following components:

Test-Bed Manager: Manage and control the test-bed

  • Control Spider and other Azimuth products
  • Manage other equipment in the test-bed (access points, devices, etc.)

Test Builder: Automate the entire test-bed with Azimuth-provided or user-defined modules

  • Azimuth products (Spider, channel emulators, etc.)
  • Devices (e.g., handsets, tablets), small cells, access points (e.g., Cisco 1260, 3700), traffic sources (e.g., Ixia Chariot, iPerf), sniffers, diagnostic monitors (e.g., Qualcomm QXDM, Wireshark)
  • Measure KPIs, create tables, graphs, determine pass/fail based on user-defined criteria
  • Create test cases through a user interface without having to write scripts/code

Test Scheduler:

  • Schedule, run synchronized tests
  • View test results

Director II features:

  • Control and automation of Azimuth products (Spider, ACE) and other test-bed components
  • GUI-based automation framework to control and automate the entire test-bed
  • Automation of  devices, access points, traffic sources, sniffers, diagnostic monitors
  • Integrated test execution and scheduling capabilities