Director II Test Management Software

DIRECTOR II test executive software is a flexible management tool that provides centralized control over Azimuth test platforms. An intuitive interface allows users to configure and manage all nodes in the network, control traffic flow in the network, and monitor test traffic, while also enabling them to log events and analyze and share results. Director II’s modular construction offers five primary applications:

Test-Bed Manager provides a common, centralized interface to control and manage all the test-bed devices within the test environment. It also includes an extensive set of control libraries that can directly connect to and control third-party Wi-Fi devices.

Test Builder enables engineers to easily construct flexible test scripts with no knowledge of Test Control Language (TCL) programming. Customized tests are constructed from a set of test building blocks or modules. The analysis modules included can simplify such tasks as complex protocol analysis.

Test Driver provides an intuitive interface to Azimuth’s standard scripts for performance and certification, as well as to custom-developed scripts.

Test Scheduler is a batching and scheduling application that allows users to organize and batch-process groups of test scripts, with sequence and scheduling flexibility

Test Editor is a TCL script editor that enables engineers to create their own customized test scripts. Test Editor’s TCL extension library gives users full access to all system functions through a standard TCL/TK Scripting Interface.

The Azimuth DIRECTOR II Test Executive Software enables users to:

  • Reduce test execution time from days to hours by leveraging the complete device and test automation capability
  • Reduce test set-up time from days to minutes by leveraging standard libraries of components, scripts, and drag-and-drop test construction
  • Find issues early and test product designs more thoroughly by running new tests quickly using powerful test-building applications
  • Improve product quality by increasing test coverage enabled with a library of available tests and remote regression testing
  • Reduce test duplication by enabling shared, repeatable data across organizations
  • Improve operator efficiency through a simple, centrally managed console and batched tests operated locally or remotely
  • Speed time-to-market by finding issues earlier in the development cycle, shrinking test cycle and execution times, and making better use of data shared across development organizations

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