DNA Device-Network Analytics

Performance Benchmarking Innovation through System Interaction KPIs

DNA is a unique analytical engine that can correlate user experience with underlying device – network interaction. DNA compares performance by extracting device KPIs from multiple layers (from the PHY to the application), and correlating the KPIs with the impact of the device – network interaction for multiple applications (Call, FTP, Browsing, YouTube etc.).

DNA’s auto generated reports can compare multiple devices with data from different sources (QXDM, Wireshark, Android logs etc.). DNA’s report can also compare devices against operator recommended thresholds (DNA comes prepopulated with the thresholds for operators using DNA currently) or user defined thresholds.

Figure 2

Figure 2: Benchmarking Report Comparing the Performance of Two Devices Across Layers and Across the Device-Network Interface

DNA includes support for LTE (TD, FDD) and advanced support for technologies such as VoLTE, Carrier Aggregation, CSFB.