Azimuth offers a variety of test solutions on which users can either run a standard test or automate custom tests. Azimuth provides both a comprehensive library of standard tests as well as the engineering toolkit to perform customization.

Azimuth solutions are aimed at meeting different customer needs and are managed using the Azimuth DIRECTORTM II test executive software and results of tests from any platform can be managed using !STUDIOTM! test data management software.

Wireless Channel Emulators — The ACE400WB for WiMAX and WI-Fi and ACE MX for 2G/3G and 4G broadband wireless accurately emulate multipath environments to provide thorough feedback on the performance of SISO and MIMO wireless devices in a real world environment.

Field to Lab — Field to Lab brings field data captured using drive test scanners into the lab by filtering and mapping the data onto the ACE MX. It enables playback of dynamic transient field conditions supporting real world test for Interoperability and Device Troubleshooting.

Real World Performance Measurement (RPM) — for true isotropic over the air test that includes the antenna and all associated circuitry in the test path. Enables comprehensive assessment of how correlation impacts overall device performance for multi-antenna devices.

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